Flash Floods Ravage Colorado

Torrential rains slam Pueblo County in Colorado, causing a flash flood that leaves more than 100 people dead and millions of dollars in property damaged. This was the worst flood in state history to that time.

The Arkansas River runs through the plains of southeastern Colorado. The people of the area built many levees along the river to prevent floods. However, these earth levees proved no match for the extremely heavy rains that pounded the region in June 1921. A series of collapses sent a deluge of water through the streets. It was reported that the water rose to the second story of buildings.

People were caught completely unaware and 120 people lost their lives in the raging waters. Further, a massive mudflow caused by the floods knocked over homes and caused $25 million in damages, more than $230 million in today’s money. The flood waters took nearly a week to recede.

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