Warren Harding Marries Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe

On this day in 1891, future President Warren G. Harding marries a spunky divorcee named Florence Mabel Kling DeWolfe in Marion, Ohio.

Although she would become a very public and influential first lady with Harding’s election to the presidency in 1921, Florence Kling endured private and very painful tragedies throughout her life. According to the National First Ladies Library, Florence was 30, divorced, estranged from her abusive father and the mother of a young son when she caught the eye of Warren Harding, the editor and publisher of the Marion Star newspaper. At the time, she was teaching piano lessons to support herself; her father had taken custody of her son. The handsome Harding fell in love with Florence, a plain-looking, but intelligent, independent and vivacious woman. They were married in a small house that they built together with their own

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